Mourinho Bus Parking strategies can be Implemented in FIFA 15

EA Sports as the company that created the game FIFA 15 increasingly making the game of football in the virtual world is increasingly apparent. Well-known tactic that is often exhibited by Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho can now be played by gamers.

fifa bus
As published Metro, Internet Bus’ which used to be the mainstay of Mourinho’s strategy in some games, can now be demonstrated directly by Chelsea fans in FIFA 15.

In the new features in FIFA 15, the gamers can set all the players the Blues (Chelsea designation) in defense. This strategy is very easy to run, you just need to touch a single button.

In fact, the gamers can put up to six players in the Chelsea penalty box to secure the three points already gained.

If a gamers continue to use this tactic, then your opponents are not willing to stand up again. The new tactic in FIFA 15 is worth a try.

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The other things that special on Fifa 15 is Emotion. The players who played gamers will show emotional reactions over the course of the game, the crowd, to the referee’s decision.

A player who gets a rough tackle, for example, he would get angry and protest, both the opponent and the referee who led the match.
fifa 15 emotion

Sony Leave a PS Vita ?


It is undeniable that Sony is one of the largest manufacturers of gaming consoles in the world. Even so, not all products made in their interest to gamers and success in the market. PS Vita is a real example of less successful efforts of this Japanese company.

After going through several rumors, Sony finally confirmed immediately end support on the mobile console. In a presentation at an investor meeting, President and Global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, called the PS Vita as “Legacy Platform”.

As is known, a platform when it entered the status of “Legacy” means no longer have the support of Sony’s first party. That is, Sony will still continue improvements to the system, selling the PS Vita as long as stocks are still there, and make sure PSN remains active for some time. However, gamers can no longer expect to be the new project from Sony in the PS Vita.

Status “Legacy” for PS Vita is currently only valid in the United States and Europe. As for Japan and other Asian countries, the PS Vita is still quite strong in the market. No wonder it is because the game library for the region of Japan in particular is greater. Get a broad enough exposure in cyberspace, Sony immediately clarify the statement. Refer to what was said House only intended for “PS Vita old model”.

The declining popularity of the PS Vita is already fairly predictable. Because the console has received stiff competition from the Nintendo 3DS as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. PS Vita positioning as accessories PS4 to Share Play features did not help increase sales.

NVIDIA Releases Latest Driver to Support GTA 5

NVIDIA Releases Latest Driver to Support GTA 5. Are you  a fan of the  “Action-Adventure Open World”  that Grand thef Auto 5 or GTA V?  the most favorite in the world today .If your answer is yes, for those of you who is a player with a computer device or PC , We all know the action and adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games for a computer or PC version already launched . With the release of GTA V to a computer or PC makes the renowned graphics card manufacturer which has a green color that is NVIDA also prepare well. Preparations made by NVIDIA is with releasing a variety of the latest drivers for the various graphics card ever created NVIDA. In the NVIDIA VGA driver that has been released is known to have embedded special renewal aimed latest game GTA V to be able to run the game smoothly.



NVIDIA VGA users known to exist in this world that can already download the latest driver since last night via the official website or through applications built NVIDIA GeForce Experience on the PC directly. The new driver has support for both computer hardware and notebook PCs that use NVIDIA VGA. Even full support for GTA V is also given to the NVIDIA VGA which has double amount or SLI. It is known that given the latest driver has the support of a wide range of NVIDIA VGA, ranging from graphics card GeForce 900 series, 700, 600, 500 and 400.

Previous game Grand thef Auto 5 or GTA V this latest game is indeed one that is in wait by the gamer with a computer device, after being released on console gaming devices since the last 2014 years. Although within 1 year, but GTA V’s but still highly anticipated by gamers for presenting the game with excellent graphics quality.

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Animal Jam Hack

One of my favorite game, simple but fun ” Animal Jam “,  i dont know why National Geographic take a part on the development of this game. This game best for you that love animal and outdoor activities. We can create and customize our animal and dens, having conversation via chat chat with friends, make a team  , learn more about animals and all things around them. Bring us to be like a child anymore 😀

In this game memberships has a lot of benefits :

– Receiving free Diamond Gift every week

– Have an access to All list of Animals in Jamaa

– Get all Accessories and Dens

– Member-Only Parties and Adventures

animal jam


1 Month memberships cost $6.95 recurring , it comes with 1500 instant gem bonus

6 months membership cost $29.95 recurring, it comes with 9000 gem and 25 diamond instant bonus

12 months membership cost $57.95 recurring, it comes with 25,000 gem and 60 diamond instant bonus


i know thats not cheap , thats why i developed an online tool to generate free Animal Jam FREE memberships. The best thing , this tool also had ability to generate unlimited gem and diamond .

How does the Animal Jam Hack work?

Animal Jam released API (programming interface), in this API i’ve found some vulnerabilities which can be used to modified accounts stats. Using this API bug , we can change ammount of gem, diamond, and generate membership stats. However, we should realize that animal jam will always fix their system, therefore use this online tool while its still works. I’ll update periodically this tool for new patch, so we can enjoy this game freely :)

Actually at first i am gonna sell this tool, i am sure i’ll got a lot of money from it, but than i change my mind, i will share this tool freely, but i also realize fact that i need fund to maintain this tool . So by completing an offer at the final step of generating Animal Jam FREE membership, diamond and gems ypu all help me to provide update and keep the tool works for all of us. This offer is simple task, just  put valid data and you’ll get your membership activated.

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